Jefferson Morley

Professor Jefferson Morley

Thanks for your interest in “The History of the CIA: 1947 to Today.”

This course pulls back the veil of secrecy and misinformation that surrounds the CIA to reveal the reality of its actions and their impact on the world.

In discussion with me and your fellow students, you will learn how the CIA came into existence and how it is organized, and how it has evolved over the last seven decades.

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In general, you will:

— Study how the agency has mounted secret operations to manipulate other societies in the name of U.S. foreign policy and national security.

— Analyze the issues facing CIA officers including counterterrorism, enhanced interrogation, and surveillance.

–Assess the agency’s triumphs, scandals, and mistakes.

–Learn about the CIA’s relationship with a dozen American presidents.

–Gain understanding of the CIA’s legacy in Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

–Improve your skills in writing memos, reports, cables blog posts, tweets, and Op-Eds.

CIA drone in Pakistan
Drone war in Pakistan

This course is stimulating and challenging.

It is the equivalent of an upper level undergraduate history course.

You need to have taken Advanced Placement class in American History or Introduction to 20th Century American History to do well in this course.

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