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My course, “The History of the CIA: 1947 to Today,” is offered in partnership with Oplerno, an online education¬†company that will help you obtain college credit for passing this course.

I chose to work with Oplerno because they are an innovative company that bypasses the traditional academic bureaucracy to connect excellent instructors and motivated learners.

You should know that:

–Credits earned through Oplerno courses are transferable to other institutions of higher learning at the discretion of the receiving institution.

–It is the decision of any receiving institution whether or not that institution will accept credits earned through Oplerno courses.

–It is the student’s responsibility to arrange credit-transfer approval with any institution to which the student would like to transfer credits earned at Oplerno. Typically the credit-transfer process occurs after a student has completed the credit-earning course, but can vary across institutions.

–Oplerno will provide credit-transfer support to students, but cannot guarantee that our credits will be transferable to all programs.

I chose to partner with Oplerno because all courses at Oplerno are taught by faculty members who have earned the necessary requirements, degrees, and experience to teach at the college level.


Your college or university will be informed that I taught the “History of the CIA: 1947 to Today,” for undergraduate credit at the University of California in the District of Columbia (UCDC) ¬†in 2014 and 2015.

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